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Les Mills Body Pump™ challenges all your major muscle groups by using the best weight room exercise like squats, presses, lifts and curls. Great music, awesome instructors and your choice of weight inspire you to get the results you came for - and fast!


A non-combat, martial arts-based fitness program with moves drawn from Karate, Tae Kwan Do, Kung Fu, kickboxing, Muay-Thai and Tai Chi. Each class is choreographed to 10 tracks of the latest music, providing an exhilarating and stress-busting exercise experience which delivers ultra-fast results.


Les Mills BodyFLOW™ is holistic group exercise set to uplifting music, combining the traditional Eastern disciplines of Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates with new, dynamic techniques. In one class you'll experience flexibility, balance work and core strength, linked with smooth transitions and moments of calm, action, and relaxation.

Community Health Club 3336 W. Loop 306, San Angelo, TX 76904