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Latin music, fun moves, no difficult dance moves and a great cardio workout. Have fun and just move, shake it and you are doing Zumba®! Come and let loose!

W.O.W.S. Interval Training

With or Without Step...we are going to mix it up a bit! Some hi-low cardio, some step, some conditioning...give your body a change!

Instructor's Choice

Cardio and strength work included - come with an open mind!

Step II & Step 45

A great step workout and full of fun. Choreography and music keep this class fresh! Step II is followed by core abs training!

Step & Resist-a-Ball

A 30-45 minute cardio class with basic step moves, followed by an always-challenging Resist-a-Ball workout - aimed at conditioning the entire body!

Step & Core

45 minutes of fun step combinations to get your heart pounding! 5:15 begins core abs and back training - come for all or part of this class!

Low Impact Fitness/Strength/Stretch

A fitness class with cardio and strength training, core work, and stretching specific to seniors or those new to exercise. Great music helps keep the workout fun.

Community Health Club 3336 W. Loop 306, San Angelo, TX 76904