Full Body Exercise

Specialty Classes

Increase your stamina, flexibility and strength with these classes!


A cardio bench workout with fun choreography and lots of leg work.

Senior Fitness

(55 min.) A class for senior adults who want to focus on full-body exercise.  All are welcome!

willPower & Grace

(60 min.)Strengthen feet and legs in this high-energy mind-body class.


(30 min.) This class will help improve your athletic performance by focusing on flexibility, balance, and range of motion.

Silver Sneakers® Boom

This class incorporates athletic exercises that boost your overall fitness. Move through muscle-conditioning blocks and activity – specific drills to improve strength and functional skills.

Zumba® Fitness

A fun interval-style dance-fitness party! Once the beat kicks in you won’t know you’re working out!


(30 min.) A high intensity interval training class using a large variety of training tools!

X Indoor/Outdoor Training

(60 min.) Indoor/outdoor cross-training using stairs, chin-ups, box jumps and more to challenge your fitness!

Resist-a-Ball 30

Grab one of the big balls and get a full body strength workout!

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