Raising the Bar on Fitness

We offer Matrix cardio equipment featuring personal LCD screens with access to fitness and social apps, television and other programming to keep workouts interesting. Please bring your own headphones to enjoy sound on these features.

Arc Trainer

The Arc Trainer is a unique piece of exercise equipment that works the large muscles of the lower body. Although the Arc Trainer is demanding on the muscles, it is very easy on the joints and can be used without straining the knees.

Cybex Machines

Strength training on Cybex machines is an easy way to start off a weight training program. With the various muscle groups that are targeted, the beginner can start to learn what they need to do on their own to build their muscles or increase their tone.

Free Weights

Free weights are a great tool to increase muscle mass, strength and muscle tone. We have dumbbells ranging from 1 – 110 pounds and barbells ranging from 20 – 110 pounds. Proper technique is important, so it is advised that you consult a personal trainer before beginning a free weight exercise program.

Nautilus Machines

Our Nautilus machines are designed with women in mind. These machines are smaller than the Cybex machines, but still provide an excellent workout.

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