Shannon Well Moms is an exercise program just for moms from 6 weeks to
6 months after delivery. The classes provide new moms a safe environment
to exercise together, improve fitness, make friends, and find support.

The 8-week exercise program features:
Group exercise classes held every Tuesday & Thursday from 11am – Noon.
Classes taught by moms who are certified Group Exercise Instructors.
45-minute class sessions with additional time for moms to connect and gain social support from one another.
16 class sessions featuring a variety of cardio, strength, and flexibility exercises.
Adaptable to all fitness levels.
Option to bring your baby to class with you. Some classes will involve exercises with your baby, however, if you attend class without your baby, exercise options will be provided using weights and medicine balls.

Shannon Well Moms participation can begin at 6-weeks postpartum. A medical clearance is required for all Well Moms participants.
Your OB/GYN can submit the referral and medical clearance through Shannon’s MyChart.
Paper copies of the referral/medical clearance form are available at Shannon Health Club or online at

$75 Health Club Members / $140 Non-Members.
Participants must pre-pay before attending their first class.

For more information, contact Shannon Well Moms Program Coordinator,
Kristina Mikeska at 325-747-2593 or email

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